So give me some background history (married, where from, what beer do you prefer? etc.

 -------No, Orange county, lots

How long have you been playing bass? What made you start?

-----since around 1994, Scott had me fill in a couple shows. Then they asked me to join. I was a guitar player originally.

What kind of bass, amps, and effects do you use? Is it your dream rig?

-------I use my G&L sb-1 a lot , its an early 90's one. I used my 73 Fender P-bass a lot on the new record also. I have some other ones but I mainly stick to those two. In the studio I usually use a combination of  Ampeg SVT's and Acoustic 360's. Live I use an SVT with two 8/10 cabinets.  I've got some envelope filters I use occasionally and I use the dunlop bass wah a lot, the white one.

When your dialing in your amp how do you know when you've got the sound your looking for, do your band mates have any input on that?

-----------I try to find a good balance of low end and clarity.  I'm not into a lot of treble. They leave that up to me.

Have you come to a point where you can request any gear you want (amps, guitars, etc.) any sponsorships? How did those come about if you do have sponsors?

-----------------I was sponsored by G&L and Ibanez in the past but, as far as amps and basses go I've started to  favor older equipment a lot more. It sounds better and is cheaper most of the time. If you like a company you can send their AR person a package and hope they're into it.    

 What kind of strings do you use? How long do you go before you change them?

------------I use DR lowrider 105's. In the studio we change them every couple of days to keep the tone consistent. Live, I change them usually once a week.

How do you write songs on bass, guitar or both?

 -----------I write on guitar

What is the average time it takes you to write a song, from beginning to end?

---------------It doesn't take long to get a working version of a song together. Tweaking it later usually takes up the most time. Different songs take different amounts of time. You just keep at it until you're satisfied with it. I don't really have a straight up answer.

Do you try to make your bass lines really tough for every song or do you go with simple sometimes?

 ------------I let the lines write themselves. Its good to look at a song from beginning to end and decide how to add dynamics and  make the song flow. Sometimes its good to put a lot of stuff in, sometimes less is more.

Do you ever use a pick?

--------------If the song is faster and needs a more percussive sound I'll use one. Otherwise I'll use my fingers. I definitely take cues from John Paul Jones on that.

What bands have you been in besides Fu and Fireball Ministry? If you could play in any other band for a day who would it be?

----------------I have a solo thing I work on from time to time. Kind of a Neil Young/ Big Star thing. I play guitar sometimes for Taylor from the foo Fighters' side project. I played drums on a Misfits cover with Misdemeanor from Sweden but that's about it.  I wouldn't mind filling in with The Flaming Lips.

How did you get hooked up with Fireball?

--------------I met them through Rob from Bongload records after they had done their Ou est La Rock

Does your playing style differ when your playing in Fireball?

----------I just try to lock in with their drummer John O and do my thing.

How do you get ready for a show? Any warm-up routines?

-----------Nothing really, I'll maybe wring my hands out . Stick them under warm water if its really cold or something.

What's the best thing about being a bass player? What's the worst?

-----------Pushing around all that low end is fun. Making things shake. Pushing around all the equipment.

Who's your favorite bass player and band?

------------I couldn't name just one. My favorites would definitely be Paul McCartney, Geezer Butler,
John Paul Jones. I like Chris Squire and Tim Bogert a lot too. I really like the Flaming Lips of course. The Beatles, AC/DC, Sabbath, Hendrix, ZZ Top.

What CD's are in your CD player right now?

----------The Nuggets2 compilation, The Raspberries greatest hits

How do you feel about the music on the radio and Mtv if you ever watch that crap?

--------------I don't listen to the radio much. Complaining about
MTV is a lost cause. When music stagnates, so does MTV right along with it.

What can we expect from Brad Davis in the future?

-------------I'd like to hook up with a label and put out some solo stuff sometime soon. Right
now I'm excited about doing some touring for the new fu Manchu record. I 'm
really proud of it.

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