Give me a quick run down of  your life story. Where from etc.
-I grew up in ct and moved to Boston when I was 17 to go to Boston
university.  I got my degree and now make a healthy living of 10 bux a week playing in diecast.

How long have you been playing bass?
-Since about 1995

What made you start?
-Blood for blood was just starting and needed a bass player so I bought a bass and pretended I knew how to play.

What kinds of basses have you played and owned?
-My first bass was a peavey fury and now I own an ibanez soundgear sr400.

What do you play now and why?
-I play the ibanez cuz it's really fast so I can keep up with Jason. the damn thing always breaks strings which sux but it also has the best sound so I'm reluctant to give it up.

Can you tell me what gear you use? Like from your amp to your strings and

-I have an ampeg svt III head and an ampeg 8x10 cab.  the main reason for my sound is the sans amp petal. those things are the best.  as for strings I use the cheapest ones I can find cuz I brake them all the time.  I actually use 130's which are supposed to be for 5 string basses as my e string cuz they are thicker and tend to brake less often.  its tough being such a buff stud sometimes.

When did you start playing in bands? What other bands have you played in?
-Right when I came to college I started playing in blood for blood besides that there was some other names I'd rather not mention and then I started diecast in 1997. 

What's the best song on Day of Reckoning for a bass player to listen to?
-It may not be my favorite song on the cd but I love the punchy ness of the bass on "in the shadows".  everything sounds real tight and heavy on that song.

How long does it take you to get your bass lines ready for the studio?
-I've done some stuff the first time and some stuff takes a lot longer. we took about 6 weeks to record the last album and I used about 3.5 days so not too long.

Can you give me some examples of things that inspired the theme of this

-We just wanted to write the heaviest music possible.  I don't care whether kids call it metal, hardcore, or whatever as long as its heavy we'll play it.

Just from a quick listen, I get the impression Diecast is a band of
tortured souls. Is that a fair statement?

-We've all had decent upbringings and grew up in fairly decent areas so there's no complaints there but we've dealt with tons of shit trying to get our name out there.  we have been treated like shit by almost all the other bands and most people in the industry so that tends to keep our hate burning when we write songs.  Every time we get passed up for a tour and a band who sold half as many records as us and plays once a year gets it, we rush to the studio and write some nasty songs.  we also tend to be the scapegoat for everything that happens.  if some kid gets hit in the pit by a big kid he immediately becomes diecast's 6th member and we get blamed for driving him insane with our crazy music and voodoo magic.

From what I hear I'd say you use a pick, If so why?
-Have you ever heard Jason play?  my fingers would be whittled to the bone if I didn't use a pic.

What do you do for practice?
-If I'm on my own I just play along to show videos or practice some of the more difficult riffs.

If you could be in any band for a day who would it be?
-"diecast"- I have no desire to be in another band and I know the day I went to play for another band, no matter how brief, we would be offered a huge show and wouldn't be able to do it.

Who's in you CD player right now?
-god forbid, cannae, blood for blood, led zeppelin and frank sinatra

Have you used Napster? What so you think of that situation?
-it's good and bad. it's helped get our name out there but now we have kids just emailing me for lyrics cuz they don't want to buy the album so that part of it sux.

Any final words?                                                                                        

-I just want people to know that everything in their life that sux is definitely our fault so beware.

thanks for the interview 
Jeremy diecast


photos appear courtesy of Rosa Guerrero, cthardcore.com,
Caitie Bezede, Tonyandpals.com, Mike Heppler, and Justin.