Give me a quick run down of  your life story. Where from etc.
I was born in Holden MA, 6/21/71. I moved around Massachusetts, and live in Worcester,MA now.

How long have you been playing bass?
Since I was about 14. I bought my own bass when I was 15, but borrowed a couple others before that.

What made you start?
Deep Purple. I loved that big fat sound. Never had much interest in guitar,
and didn't have the money for drums. When I was real young I was into AC/DC
and Kiss, I saw Gene Simmons and it was all over.

What kinds of basses have you played and owned?
How much time do you have? I started with a borrowed no-name(I don't remember
what it was). My first bass I owned was a Peavey Patriot. Wood finish, big
humbucker, real nice. A local mom and pop near my house sold me a whole box
of Washburn stuff when I was 16, 3 bodies a couple necks, and a whole box of
hardware. I built and sold 3 basses and got the money for a Washburn B-10
and a Peavey TNT 150.Then I got a deal on a Dan Armstrong See Through Ampeg.
Kick ass!!! When the Washburn AB 20 acoustic came out I had to get one. It
sounds great with copper strings. When I was around 22 I picked up a B.C.
Rich Bich. The real deal, 24 fret, cloud inlays, real nice. A couple years
after that I got my Rickenbacker. A 1974, black, beautiful. And last year I
got a Gibson RD Artist real cheap. It was wailed, but I rebuilt it and it
plays and sounds good now.

Why do you play Rickenbacker?
Geezer Butler, Roger Glover, Glenn Hughes, Cliff Burton, Lemmy Kilminster,
Paul McCartney, The Vapors, Rick James, DD Verni,the list goes on. I just
always liked them, then I played one and loved it. Sounded like shit,
though. Through a friend of mine I got in touch with Lane Poor at L.P.
music. He made me the best pick ups I've ever heard, and even made an active
unit (onboard pre-amp, whatever) right in front of me. It sounds incredible.

Can you tell me what gear you use? Like from your amp to your strings
and effects.

  Well, you know about my basses, I really like D'Addario strings. I currently run a Hartke 7000 head and a Peavey cab with (2) 18" and (2) 10" speakers. Weighs a ton but sounds like the apocalypse. On our US tour the head started acting up and I blew out several speakers, So I may be rethinking my head
choice. I also run a Big Muff distortion, MXR flange and a Morely Bass wah.

When did you start playing in bands? What other bands have you played

I started in bands right away. My high school bands were Criminally Insane,
then Adversity. Then I joined a band called Golgotha. All death/thrash
stuff. Around '91 we formed Desolate, a brutal death metal band. We did a
couple demos, a ton of shows, then broke up in 95. In 96 we put WarHorse

  What do you do for practice any routines or regiments? Why do you play
finger style?

I used to do modes over and over for finger exercises. Mostly I learn to
play songs. If I hear something I like I try to learn it. For my right hand
I used to do triplets and stuff, anything to work on my approach and
As for as finger style, I'd credit Geezer Butler, Cliff Burton, John
Entwistle, and Steve Harris for that. It's just such a personal way to play.
You can go from real subtle to brutal and back again. It took me a while to
get my speed up with death metal playing, but it was worth it.

How do you write; bass only or guitar or both?
I mostly write on the bass, but I non bassists aren't really able to grasp a
riff by only hearing a bassline, so I have to get a guitar to show someone
an idea and have them understand what I mean.

How do you come up with lyrics? When do you do your best writing?
Usually I get a subject that interests me and run with it. I'll keep a scrap
of paper in my pocket and if inspiration strikes at work or anywhere I'll
scribble something down. When the music is done, I'll sit down and finalize
lyrics and vocal lines until it fits. Sometimes it's a grueling process,
but usually it flows right along. If I'm forcing things, its probably a dumb
idea, and I'll move on and come back later.

Did you have any trouble learning to play and sing at the same time?
Does this take away from your ability to play tougher bass lines?
Nah. The music comes first. If a vocal line is way off from the bass line, I
just practice it more.

If you had to give up singing or bass, which would it be and why?
I could never sing again and it wouldn't faze me. I've only been singing for
a couple years, but I could never give up the bass.

Why is Warhorse a 3 piece?
Guitar players worth the bother are hard to find! Seriously, we enjoy the
freedom of a power trio. We can jam for on hour and never play the same
thing twice. Sometimes we'd like a second guitar player for harmonies, and
sheer volume, but I'm happy in a trio.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
This is the band I've always wanted, Sabbathy, heavy, jam oriented, so I'm
not going anywhere. We plan to write the next album, and hope to tour
Europe, then maybe the States again. We'll see what happens.

If you could improve one thing about your bass skills what would it be?
I want to learn some theory, and I hope to free up myself to become a better

If you could change one thing about the band, what would it be?
I'm trying to improve my vocals, and if we continue to mesh better we'll
really be vicious.

If you could be in any band for a day who would it be?
Probably Lenny Kravitz's band. Maybe Neil Young or High on Fire. Is Guy
still in Acid King??

What's the best show you've been to?
Once I saw Brutal Truth with Exit 13. Holy shit!! The Incantation, Autopsy,
and Vital Remains tour was nuts. Ozzy and Metallica in 86 changed my life. I
could never narrow this down man!!!

Who's in you CD player right now?
Bongzilla "Stash", Billy Idol's greatest hits, and Cathedral's "Endtyme"

Any final words for the people who are reading this?
Play what you want to play.  And the fastest way to get good is to play with
guys better than you!