1. Give me a quick run down of your life story. Where from etc.
"Well, I was born in Karlstad, Sweden where I still live. I live here together with my girlfriend and two cats. I don't want to bore you out and tell you about everything I been through. Even a quick run would take a hell of a time.

2. How long have you been playing bass?"
"I started off playing guitar but changed since the band I started in high school didn't had bassist but yet 2 guitarist(I was one of them, but for some reason I changed to bass). This was about 1990 I think. But It took a while until I understood that music was what I really wanted to do. So I didn't start to take it serious until like 4 years ago."

3. What made you start?
"The story begins back in high school when one of my teachers told me after practicing for a Christmas play (or whatever it was) that I was musically retarded and throw me out of the classroom after I thrashed one of the guitars that we used for doing the music for that play. I tried to play something that didn't sound to good, and when I also managed to cut off a several number of strings my teacher simply gave me the boot. I don't blame him today, but back then I could kill him. So in anger I bought a electric guitar (a fender strat copy) and forced myself to learn it. But after 3 months I changed to bass."

4. What kinds of basses have you played and owned?
"My first bass was a Vester "pink panther" a ugly motherfucker that I still have, and I actually used it one time on stage with Souldivider. My next one was an Ibanez that I sold pretty quick since I didn't like it. So I bought my self the "Thunderbird" that I use now together with a Fender jazzbass. I also have a Hagström and then a shortscale that have been repainted at some time so I don't now which fabricate it is."

5. What do you play now and why?
"I use my "thunderbird" and "Jazz ". I use them because I love them and think that they sound like I want a bass to sound, pretty simple?

6. Can you tell me what gear you use? From your amp to your strings and
"I use a Laney amp together with a custom 4x12". I don't use to much effects because I'm pretty satisfied with what comes out "naturally", but I have a Boss ME-6B multi effect(floor model) that I use when we play live and we use another back line than we usually do. When it comes to strings I use Dean Markley medium's .105-.050 because they sound very clean and yet give a "bassy" thickness.
6. When did you start playing in bands? What other bands have you played in?

"I've played in Zillions of band but 99.99% of those bands never got more than 1-2 to songs written and they never got played outside the garage in which they were made. But of the bands that I've played in there was 3 that manage to do something. The first of those three was Candle, pure metalband with punk attitude. The second was a punkrock outfit called The Downed that tried to sound as much as Misfits as possible, and we actually got a write-up by Malcome Dome in 1995 when he still was writing for Kerrang. And the third is of course Souldivider.

8. What song has your best bass line in it?
"Hard one, very hard to answer indeed. But the bassline for "Wishes"(On our second demo) I really like, but when it
comes to the edge I think I pick "strange feeling.." ´cos it's the coolest, really fun to bang your head to when you play it live."
9. What would you do if you broke a string 5 minutes into a 10 minute song?

"That depends on, If I could play the notes somewhere else on the fret board I would do that, otherwise I just would grab some other bass"

10. What's the worst thing that's happened to you while playing live?
"I broke a string once, that's the only thing I can remember but then I just took my other bass. Then you have the moments when you got that feedback curse laid upon you and you're not able to find out where the hell it comes from, -It is me? Or some other guy ?

11. Do you come up with ideas while playing bass or guitar?
"Both, when I sitting home. But when we rehearse usually one of us will come up with an idea and then we all jam along until it sounds good.

12. How do you get your bass to stand out in the mix over the guitar?
"You'll have to be a good friend with the producer!! No, when we're mixing our song we do it together so every one can have their say. And I mean it benefits everyone in the band if you can hear all instruments. I think the bass on "The big relax" is OK. But if you listen to our two first demos the bass is pretty much in the background. But we where pretty new in the game when we recorded them, we still are but we will improve."

13. Do you play finger style?
"I play finger style as well as playing with a pick, it depends on which song it is.

14. What do you do for practice?
"I listen to other bassists and then try to pick up stuffs and ideas from them. I also sit down and just play for a while and let my mind play whatever comes up. I think it great just to play without actually play anything specific just jammin."
15. What's the hardest thing about playing bass for you?

"I don't know really, sometimes it can be pretty hard to find "The right line" but then you just put it away for a while and wait and try again later.

16. If you listen to the radio, what song makes you cringe when it comes on?
"I hate European dance chart music, I go nuts.

17. In your opinion what are the bests bands from the 70's 80's 90's and
"From the 70´s we have Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy (Early 80´s as well) Deep Purple and AC/DC from the 80´s we have Iron Maiden and I also got a crush for thrash metal from the 80´s. The 90´s didn't gave much except for some great "Stoner" bands. And of course C.O.C. after Pepper Keenan grabbed the microphone. When it comes to music these days it's hard to pick one act that doin anything that doesn't have been done before. "

18. If you could be in any band for a day who would it be?
Souldivider of course since I can't think of any band that have more fun! But OK it would be in a band like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden for a day or two just to feel what things are like in the highest division"
19. Who's in you CD player right now?

"Right now I'm listening to DIO´s Holy Diver album and before that I played Captain beyonds first album."

20. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How do you want people to remember
"5 years is a long time, We have just signed a deal with 12th planet music, so in 5 years we could be anywhere. I don't even dare to take a guess at it. But I would like people to remind me as a cool dude that played his bass and had a great time."