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Great site for mind expansion. We here at Bottom Feeder can attest to that. 

Hopefully you will see more MALLEUS soon.


























04/10/03- Fuck me runnin!!! is this an UPDATE? No it's an UPDATE and a new INTERVIEW. Check out Kristoffer of TWIN EARTH.

02/16/02- Check out Dave V. from Canyon Creep in the interview section. Then check out his band Canyon Creeps new CD. I give it 4 stars.

10/14/01- If you have sent an email in the last month or so you should send it again. We have a new email address. Go to the contact page to get it. thanks

10/14/01- Surprise!!! we have Brad Davis today in the interview section.

09/08/01- We will have Brad Davis of Fu Man Chu on the same day their new album comes out. Stay Tuned.

08/16/01- Updates are better late than never. See Jeppe now. 


08/06/01- Jeppe of Pilotos will be in the Interview section soon. 

07/14/01- YT of Borgo Pass is now online in the interview section.

06/30/01- We've got Urlo who is the low end for Ufomammut and half of Malleus. Check him out in the interview section.

06/25/01- Only 5 days until Urlo from Ufomammut.

06/09/01- Here's Saso and the new Malleus graphics. Tell us what you think.

06/05/01- When we unleash the new interview on the 9th (SASO), we will also reveal the new opening graphic provided by the psychedelic madmen at MALLEUS. This will be followed by other graphics. So stay tuned. 

05/26/01- See Jeremy from DIECAST now in the interview section.

05/19/01- I added a new tab by Soundgarden and some new pics of Justin Chancellor.

We will soon post the interviews of Jeremy DIECAST and Saso the Mushroom River Band. See the Interview section for more.

05/05/01- Kids tested Alyssa Malano approved Jerry of Warhorse is now in the interview section.

NOTE: I am going on vacation to the sandy beaches of Myrtle Beach SC. If you live close to there send me an email maybe we can hook up. 

See ya in a week.

04/21/01- Sorry for the delayed posting of Spice. It was well worth the wait.

04/17/01- Look for Jerry of Warhorse on 5-5-01.

Sorry for the lack of info and bullshit here at B~F, I've been swamped. Stay tuned.

04/10/01- Look for  Spice of Spiritual Beggars interview on 4-21-01.

03/21/01- Holy shit!!! I thought it was all over. Did you notice your favorite place on the net was gone for a few days? Well it was. The folks at Tripod decided to clean up their server last weekend and deleted old Bottom Feeder. But after a few emails from you to me and then a few from me to them, it got restored. That would have been a lot of my time and beer spent down the drain. Oh well we're back; that's all that matters, right?

Now let's return to the world of BASSDOME. Here is a list of soon to be or possible interviews with bass players from the following bands: Nebula, Diecast, Spiritual Beggars, Mushroom River Band, Ufomammut, High on Fire and Warhorse.Plus a ton more. We're just waiting for them to send us their info, CD's, press kits etc.

It's good to be back.

03/10/01- Sixty Watt Shamans Rev. Jim now in the interview section.

Don't forget to pick up the new Clutch on 3/13/01

03/05/01- 5 days until the Reverend.

02/26/01- New tabs tools and pics.

02/23/01- Welcome to Bottom Feeder II.  let me know what you think of the new look.

Also Cliff from Hookah is in the Interviews now.

02/14/01-JOE LALLY (fugazi) in the flesh...well almost, see the Interview section. Let me know if you like the new opening graphic...........LATER

02/07/01-I've added a pic of a Tacoma Thunderchief acoustic bass in the Tools section. Check it out and let me know what you think. They're hand made in the USA.

02/06/01-The new opening graphic is temporary; I know it loads slow. The music is also gone. Stay tuned for more graphic face lifts in the future.

Up coming interviews: Urlo from Ufomammut, Rev. Jim from Sixty watt shaman just to name a few..Later

01/31/01-The count down begins, 14 days until JOE. Make sure you vote for us on the Stoner rock top 50. We're currently 2nd, thanks to a big push from southern Ohio folks. they like it heavy down there, just like their women.

Did you notice we made the music gear review's top 100 bass tab sites!! check that shit out. look at the stiff competition.

01/27/01-we'll be posting Joe Lally on the 14th of February. 

Any and All bass players are welcome here at Bottom Feeder. If you want to do an interview or send some pics, please contact us. 

Just put some new tabs out, take a look.

01/24/01-See Steinar  of Honcho in the interview's. Just got their CD in the mail and let me tell you it RIPS!!! Thanks Steinar...

coming soon, if you haven't figured it out from the clues I gave, Joe lally of Fugazi,........yes Fugazi. also in mid February we'll have Cliff from Ekoostik Hookah



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