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Groove Food

Jaco Pastorius-"Continuum"

Temple of the Dog-"Say Hello to Heaven" "Hunger Strike" "Four Walled World" "Pushing Forward Back"

Toadies-"I Come From the Water"   "Back Slider"

Fugazi-"Joe Number One"

Perfect Circle-"Magdalena" "Rose" "Judith"

Clutch-"24 Earth yrs" "Miss October" "Soap Makers" "Who wants to Rock"


C.O.C.-"Heal My Wounds" "El Que Come Abajo (Bottom Feeder)"

Helmet-"Wilma's Rainbow"

Deftones-"My own Summer"  "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" "Change (in the house of flies)"

Blind Melon-"Sleepy House"


Peach-"You Lied" 

Queens of the Stone Age-"If Only" "Lost Art of Keeping a Secret" "Give the Mule what he wants" "The Quick and the Pointless" "Regular John" "I think I lost My Headache"

Rage-"Calm Like a Bomb"    "Renegades of Funk" "The Ghost of Tom Joad"

Soundgarden- "Flower" "Mace" and "Slaves"   "ColdBitch"

 Tool-"Crawl Away"   "Flood" "Stink fist" "Swamp Song" "Sweat"

Atomic Bitchwax-"Stork Theme" "Marching on the Skulls of the Dead"

Drivin ~n~ Cryin- "Straight to Hell"





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