1. Background history
Most people know me (Pepijn Klaassen) as the label
dude of Freebird Records (http://come.to/freebird).
Some others as the webmaster of the Karma To Burn
website (http://go.to/k2b).
But very few know I'm also playing bass for nearly 10
years now...
I live in Eindhoven (Rock City) in The Netherlands,
together with my girlfriend Renate and my daughter

2. What made you start?
Playing bass has intrigued me almost all my life. Only
when I started playing in 1990 I realized why.
The bass is the cement that keeps (rock) music
together. Good bass playing is the difference between
bland and grand...
I bought my first bass, because at that time I knew
some people that had enough knowledge on instruments
to prevent me from buying expensive crap.
So I started cheap...

3. Bass & Amp
I play on a Gibson Epiphone rock bass, with 2 single
coil pick-ups and a pretty think neck.
That's still the same bass I bought 10 years ago. I
never felt the urge to buy something better... I know
my way around on this thing.
I use everything that is available for amplification.
I have a 20 year old Yamaha top (no tubes) with SW
But I use Peavy, Marshall, Fender, hell even Laney or
Trace Elliot if they're available...

4. Dream set up
This depends on the line-up of the band I'm in. I
never took any lessons, so I have a specific playing
I prefer a sound with enough treble, not just the low
Right now, there's only one guitarist. So I'd like my
amp to provide some decent override.
For his solo stuff, I could use an effect which
emphasizes the note one octave up from what I'm
But if there are 2 guitarist, I prefer to tune A-D-A-D
and concentrate on the lowest of low instead!
In my opinion Trace Elliot amps have the best 'clean'
sounds, but they sound awful with an override or
big muff or distortion.

5. Music composition
Always on bass. If the bass riff is OK, the drummer
and guitarist will know what to do.
CANCAHUA, it's usually me who comes up with new
riffs and ideas.
We work on it as a team to turn it into a song, or a
more definite jam...
I only use a guitar to find out if it's a diminished
chord or something...

6. Do you try to make your bass lines really tough for
every song or do you go with simple sometimes?

As little notes as necessary... which is difficult to
play (timing!).
Sometimes you need a whole lot of quick notes
An ex-guitarist of the band made me play the most
impossible riffs and progressions, that were meant for
guitar, on a bass.
That's how I picked up playing fast and effective.
So 'difficult' or 'simple' is just relative to me...

7. Take your pick.. or not
I mainly use my fingers. This way I have better
control of what I'm playing.
But since I had some surgery done on my middle finger
(chronicle overexposure to stress damaged muscles)
I use a pick for the quicker stuff.
Depending on the mood I'm in I use a pick somewhere
between .88 and 1.50 ...

8. How do you get ready for a show?
I used to prepare a lot. Check everything 10 times.
Play my hands warm...
But nowadays we just start our set with some 'easy'
songs, so there's no need for that.
I just go on stage, plug in and play.
I used to be so tense, that I forgot to enjoy. Now I
just enjoy myself...

9. Sex before or after?
Hey, why not while playing? I know I can be on my
grooviest then...
But I'm more of an A.M. fucker, so it depends on what
you see as before or after, if it's 8 or 12 hours
apart... hehehe

10. favorite bass player and band?
I come from a tradition of punk and crossover.
Therefore I can mention names like Kim Gordon, Muzz
Skillings and Les Claypool of course.
Although none of them really influenced me. I hardly
ever listen to bass parts alone in songs. Everything
should be fitting well together in a kick-ass song.
Then I can mention bands like Solace, Natas, Slow
Horse, Mammoth Volume, Clutch...

11. What cd's are in your cd player right now?
Since I run a label, the weirdest stuff is in there.
Right now I enjoy cool demo's by Nice Cat, The
Stone God and Volcanic.
If that's not in, I play Totimoshi, Clutch or Solace a

12. Open question
My favorite beer pilsner type is Grolsch, but the
heavy abbey brews (mainly from Belgium) really make my

PS: picture and sample coming soon...