Rev. Jim

Sixty Watt Shaman

Hey Rev. give us some history on yourself.

A lil' history, well, I was born Dec. 5th, 1974. Grew up in the hills a' Carroll County, MD. Had a really unoriginal, dysfunctional upbringin', like most folks I know. Rednecks, big trucks, hot rods, field parties,  cheap beer, shitty drugs, old school metal, and southern rock. Started playing in bands or humpin' gear at about fourteen. Somewhere along the way I managed to start a body piercing business, get a shit load of tattoos, and help form Sixty Watt Shaman.

Why do they call you Rev. Jim?

The Reverend thing, I was ordained by the Universal Life Church about 6 years ago. It cost me a dollar donation. Seemed like a funny thing to do at the time. It's a great Taxi reference, and it makes me laugh.

How long have you been playing bass?

I started playin somewhere around 12 years ago. Took it seriously about 6 years ago, and maybe started playin decently when we recorded our first record.

How many basses have you owned so far?

I've owned 1 Memphis Bass, 1 Jackson, 2 Ibanez Soundgears, 2 Fender P-Basses, 1 Fender Jazz, 1 Gibson Les Paul Bass, and 9 Rickenbackers.

What's your equipment consist of? Bass, Amps, strings, etc.

I've been through the ringer over the years with gear, always lookin', for that perfect tone. Nowadays I run an Ampeg SVT Classic, or my Sunn 300-T through two Ampeg 8X10 cabs. Ride the livin hell out of the gain. A Rickenbacker, and a Boss tuner. That's about it, or all I'm willin' to mention.

What makes you play a Rickenbacker?









I'm glad ya asked this, cause I want a goddamn endorsement. Rick's just feel right to me, always have. I just took to 'em. There's no other basses that sound and play like they do for what I do.

I noticed when you played in Columbus Ohio (Newport Music Hall) you had a problem with your amp during the opening number. What happened there?

Columbus? Yeah, the jackass soundman messed with the DI and left a cable hangin' halfway out. First song I hit a couple notes and bang, no signal. It happens. Big tour, no cash, no crew, what do ya do. Stop, fix the problem, and fuckin play.

How did you pick up your playing style? Which kicks ass by the way.

I never really set out to pick a style of playing. I learned as much as I could about music and my instrument, still am, and I put as much imagination and feeling into it as I possibly can every time I play.

Can you recommend any thing for us bass players to practice or do to help our finger speed? What do you do for practice?

I play all day long, as much as I can. I write songs, I play Sixty Watt shit, I play other peoples shit, I run through scales, whatever. Honestly it's all I care about. JP from Clutch told me a story once about being on the one. About being a drummer , and his main focus being to always bring it back on the one, and how he applied that to his life and his craft. When I get up every fucking morning, no matter what bullshit is goin on in my life, being on the one for me is being a goddamn bass player, and being the best I can at that. So I play my ass off, whenever and however. That's about it.

What song has your best (or favorite) bass line in it? what about least favorite?

As far as old shit goes, my favorite bass lines are in Poor Robert Henry. I worked my ass off on that song. It's really personal to me. I'm diggin' a new one called My ruin right now, some quirky shit for a Sixty Watt song . I don't really have a least favorite, kinda would defeat the purpose a' playing it if I didn't like it, those ones get thrown out pretty quick.

How do you write your music, on bass only or what?

I write everything on bass, if I pick up a guitar it's usually to annoy my boys. Play some bitchin' leads.

Ok time for the usual questions.
If you could be in any band for a day who would it be?

Damn, that would change everyday depending on what I was listening too. I'd love to have played with Lynyrd Skynyrd, before Ronnie Van Zant died. Nowadays I'd have to say COC or Spirit Caravan, jamming with Pepper or Wino would be the tits. I'm still pushing to get a super group together with Jimmy Bower and Sammy Satan. One day.

Who's your favorite bass player of all time?

3 way tie, Geezer Butler, Cliff Burton, and Scott Reeder.

What's in your Cd player right now?

Halfway to Gone

What CD will be your next purchase?

The new Clutch, Pure Rock Fury.

How do the guys in Shaman feel about Napster?

I thinks it's a great promotional tool for bands in our situation, and a big pain in the ass for certain musicians that make more money then they know what to do with, which kinda makes me chuckle. Honestly I could give a fuck.

Would you rather do Christina or Brittany or smack Fred Durst or Scott Stapp?

Hmm, I'd do Brittany and smack Durst. 


Photos courtesy of Chris Vrettos 

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