B-FEEDER1. So give me some background history (married, where from, what beer do you prefer? etc.)
 SVEN~ I'm originally from my Father's penis...but I've been seen in the High Desert of California, and a truck stop named Albuquerque.  I currently reside in sunny San Diego.

B-FEEDER2. How long have you been playing bass? What made you start? SVEN~ I've been playing for approx 10 years, my Dad played guitar, and one night he was jamming House of the Rising Sun (The Animals version), and I tripped out, so he taught me how to play the song, and I asked for a guitar
that Christmas.

B-FEEDER3. What kind of bass and amps do you use, and why? SVEN~ I have a couple guitars, but I mostly play my old Washburn B-2...It's kind of 80's looking but I love it.  I pump that through Trace Elliot gear, that shit is so fat, and I like the glowing green from black lights.

B-FEEDER SVEN~ I think my dream setup would be exactly as J. Chancellor's from TOOL...every time I've seen those guys (indoor or out) the bass lines shake my chest cavity like nothing I've felt before.  He plays a couple of brands of basses but I know he sticks with Mesa Boogie speakers.

SVEN~ I write on both guitar and bass. 

B-FEEDER6. What band's have you been in? What band are you in now? What band would you say you sound most like? SVEN~ I used to be in Subliminal Seduction out of Abq., Parvo out of Palm Desert, and Long Bored Daze in San Diego (I sang and did not play guitar), now I work with a great bunch of musicians in a project called Filth Juggernaut, it's Metal up yer ass...we will have MP3's for everyone very shortly.

B-FEEDER7. Do you try to make your bass lines really tough for every song or do you go with simple sometimes? SVEN~  Very often I use pretty simple bass lines in our songs, and most riffs progress either faster or more intricate as the song plays.  There is only myself and our guitarist (Brian Way) so I have plenty of room to experiment (as we are still sort of writing material).

B-FEEDER8. Do you use a pick? If yes why? if no why? SVEN~   Most of the time I do use a pick, only for the shock value.  There are a lot of sudden stops and blasting starts, and I find that striking cords with a heavy pick has a certain punch that my soft little fingers can't reproduce (but that crazy fucker from High on Fire can, damn).

B-FEEDER9. How do you get ready for a show? Any warm-up routines? SVEN~ To warm-up for shows, I like to start fights with unsuspecting girls in the parking lots.  No, usually just have a beer and say hi to my friends.

B-FEEDER10.When your dialing in your amp how do you know when you've got the sound
your looking for, do your band mates have any input on that?
SVEN~ They've never had to intervene with my sounds (now that I think about it), and I pretty much just crank it up and watch my overload lights go nutz.


B-FEEDER11. Who's your favorite bass player and band? SVEN~ P-Nut from 311 fuckin rox!  I've seen Geddy in concert (he plays bass with his feet), Les Claypool is an alien, the aforementioned Justin from TOOL, and his buddy Scott Reeder (helluva guy), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Fantomas) is a genius, Jimbo (Rev Horton Heat), and of course Lemmy!  Oh was I supposed to name just one?  I guess that would be Mike Watt.  He's just all around gnarly.

B-FEEDER12. What cd's are in your cd player right now? SVEN~  Too much shit to name off...

B-FEEDER13. This last question is not a question, I'm leaving it open for to you say whatever you want. SVEN~ Never quit playing.  Music is the medium of life, and Metal is the sound of living, Jack Kevorkian is a modern day Jesus, and Soultread is
keeping it real...heavier is better